All the Festival Talent


Join them on multiple stages and magnificent rooms throughout Abbotsford Convent.

  • Al Jeffery

    Community-designer, Facilitator, International Speaker and Author.

    - The Art of Human Connection and Cultural Stewardship

    Do you want to create more meaningful connections in your life?

  • Amrita Hepi

    The Groove Guardian

    - Mixtape Mass Movement

    Dance to feel good.

  • Asher Packman

    President of Meditation Australia

    - Your Heart Before Your Head

    - Aligning Your Sun & Moon

    Experience one of our favourite people in meditation.

  • Barre Body

    Australia's Leading Barre Studio

    - Burn and Shake it at the Barre

    Ever wanted to try Barre? We have.

  • Bloom Stage

    - We will flourish & focus: hosted by Warrior One

  • Bureau Of Advice

    - Department for transacting advice between strangers

  • Caroline Hales

    Creator and Enabler

    - Calm the Chatter

    - Ceremony of the Collective Consciousness

    Step into the divine and release negativity.

  • Cat Woods

    Founder of Ballet Sculpt

    - Ballet Sculpt

    Experience Barre without the Barre.

  • Chris Wilson

    Founder of Yoke Yoga

    - Moving into Stillness

    - Meditation 101

    Clear your mind through yoga.

  • Clementine Ford

    Writer, speaker and renowned feminist thinker.

    - Since Becoming a Mother

    How does love morph and change between parent and child?

  • David Holmgren

  • Deep Soulful Sweats

    - Indigo Realness

  • Donna Sparx

    Founder of Hoop Sparx

    - Slow Flow In The Hoop

    - Hula Hoop Dance

  • Dr. Elise Bialylew

  • Dr. Lauren Tober

    Clinical psychologist, life coach and yogi.

    - The Art and Science of Rest

    - Deep Rest with iRest: Yoga Nidra

    Feeling exhausted? Change the way you feel about and understand rest.

  • Dr. Marc Cohen

    Medical Doctor with PhDs in Chinese Medicine and Biomedical Engineering. Dr Marc is one of Australia’s pioneers of integrative and holistic medicine.

    - Extreme Wellness

    Spend an hour with an Australian leader in the Wellbeing movement for more than three decades.

  • Dr. Nikki Goldstein

    Doctorate in Human Sexuality.

    - Having a Healthy Relationship and Sex Life

    - Sex Ed 101

    Explore relationships, sex, desire and everything else.

  • Dumbo Feather

    - A Discussion Panel Curated by Dumbo Feather

  • Gravity & Other Myths

    Internationally renowned contemporary circus company.

  • Guru Dudu

    Performer David Naylor's alter ego.

    - Silent Disco Tour

    - Happy Yoga

    Traverse the festival with this hilariously delightful Guru.

  • Gwyn Williams

    Creator of Zenthai Shiatsu

    - The Art of Letting Go: Zenthai Shiatsu

    - Movement as Therapy: Zenthai Shiatsu

    Do you want to break your cycles?

  • HartRoks

    Beckie & Jess, founders of HartRoks

    - Demystifying Crystals

    - Manifesting & Programming with Crystals

    Can crystals really help?

  • Heal'r

  • Healers Grove

    - 1-on-1's in the Healers Grove

  • Heidi Trigar

    - Kirtan with Heidi

  • Infinity Therapies

    Qoya teacher, facilitator and speaker.

    - Unleashing Your Divine Feminine: Qoya

    - Sensual Movement 101

    Discover divine yoga, dance and sensural movement.

  • Jess Sepel

    Clinical nutritionist, best-selling author and international health blogger.

    - Food As Medicine For Living

    - Healthy Hacks for Stressy Living

    Learn to understand your relationship with food and create healthier patterns.

  • Julie Zdravkovska

    Natural born medium.

    - Be Awed by our Festival Medium-Healer

    Give yourself a deeper understanding.

  • Kat John

    Coach, speaker and meditation guide.

    - Sunday Mass Meditation

    Something to inspire you.

  • Kemi Nekvapil

    International coach, speaker, author and student of The Gross National Happiness Centre in Bhutan.

    - Leading with Life's Lessons

    - Leading with Life's Lessons: Workshop

    With her guidance you will leave ready to take action and lead in a way that honors you and what you stand for.

  • Lola Berry

    Nutritionist and author.

    - Self Love: Less Buzzwords, More Living

    - Beyond the Mat

    Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your practice through food.

  • Matt Radford

    Wimhof Instructor, Traditional Chinese Physician and Physio.

    - Take a Breath with Wimhof Method Instructor

    Learn to breathe. Relieve pain, anxiety and glide through life more calmly through breathing.

  • Maud Léger

    Yoga, Asana, Pranayama and Meditation teacher.

    - Groove and Glow

    - Soft: The Singer, The Pianist & The Body

    Improve your practice.

  • Mia Muse

    Sexologist, yogi and founder of the women-centric sex and wellness business Mia Muse.

    - Know Your Pleasure

    - Objects of Pleasure

    Want to explore sex and intimacy? We do.

  • Mona Ruijs

    Gong practitioner and student of The Northern School of Soundsmiths, Manchester.

    - Immersive Sound Bath

    A journey through the senses.

  • Motel Girl

    - A secret sharing of your most intimate stories

  • Orgasm Room

    - Experience the pleasure centre of the festival for all things ecstatic

  • Rachelle Unreich

    Journalist and writer.

    - How Journalism Taught Me Who I Am

    - Writing It All Down

    Learn about the connective powers of words and writing.

  • Reece Carter

    Naturopath and Herb Nerd.

    - Greens and the Gut

    - Eat Happy

    Uncover the power of plant-based foods for your gut.

  • Room to Move

    - Stretch and Expand

  • Ryan Mannix

    Yoga teacher

    - Soft and Still: Yin and Meditation with Sound Bath

    Deepen your practice of yin yoga.

  • Sadhana Studios

    Kundalini Yoga experts.

    - Divine Grace and Flow

    - Vibrate the Cosmos and the Cosmos will clear the path

  • Shoku Iku Academy

    Holistic nutritionist and student of Macrobiotic lifestyle at Kushi Institute, Japan.

    - Get Raw: How to Make Delicious Desserts

    Eat desserts AND nourish yourself? Let Shoku Iku show you how.

  • Stefanie Turner

    Performer, dancer, yogi and pilates teacher.

    - Flowlates and Beats

    Discover a new way to work out with this fusion of movement disciplines.

  • StellaMuse

    Tantra practitioner, Reiki master, holistic life/health coach, writer and speaker.

    - The Essence of Tantra

    - Living a Tantric Life: With & Without a Partner

    Want to learn about Tantra? We do.

  • Swisse Panel

  • Tegan Wallis

    Ayurvedic Practitioner, Naturopath, Yoga and Meditation teacher (RYT) and Public Health Educator.

    - Ancient Advice for the Modern Life

    - Ayurvedic Insights into Gut health

    Practical advice drawing from ayurvedic methods.

  • The Essentialists

    Two of Australia’s leaders in life and wellness education.

    - Masterclass of Wellness

  • The Illuminated Angels

    - The Sleep Keepers

    - The Illuminated Angels

  • The Oratory

    - Where the wisdom gets delivered

  • The School of Life

    - A Pop-up Classroom by The School of Life

  • The Sleep Keepers

  • The Super Stage

    - The Festival Main Stage

  • Tobie Puttock

    Chef, author and friend of Jamie Oliver.

    - Waste Not Want Not

    Reinvent your leftovers.

  • Tony Johannsen

    Psychotherapist, coach, facilitator and speaker.

    - Life Like Water: Moving Through Anxiety

    - Anxiety: The Compass to Authenticity

    Understand FLOW states and be guided through your inner trepidations.

  • Uma Spender

    Yoga teacher and guide.

    - The Magic of Mantra

    - Embracing Kali: The Secrets of the Dark Feminine

    Deepen your yoga knowledge and practice.

  • Warrior One

    Founder Dustin Brown is a yoga teacher, vedic meditator, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and wellness warrior.

    - Yoga With Balls

    - Acro Yoga 101

    Take your practice to the next level.

  • Wellness in Real Life

    Two imaginitive wellness nuts with a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics.

    - Diet Myths, Food Fads & Other Malarkey

    Take a closer look at your behaviours around food.

  • Written In Tea

    - Visit the festival's tea room to brew over our speakers' favourite letters

  • Yoga 213

    A team of yogis, founded by Sammy Veall.

    - Hip Hop Yoga: Sweat Is Sweet

    Experienced the happiness of yoga and music.

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