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Tobie Puttock


Waste Not Want Not

Tobie demonstrates how to transform the humble pumpkin and some left over bread into an amazingly delicious and easy to make fresh pasta dish that could easily be at home in a restaurant.


Tobie Puttock

Tobie Puttock began cooking at Melbourne’s Cafe e Cucina and then his career took him to work in notable restaurants in Europe and the UK before he landed back in Melbourne again. He worked alongside Jamie Oliver at the famous River Café in the UK and this friendship fuelled projects in Australia with Jamie setting up the Fifteen Foundation and restaurant with Tobie as Head Chef. Tobie also held the role as Creative Director for Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia and he featured in the TV series Jamie’s Kitchen Australia.

Tobie has shared his cooking skills and food stories across all media and many TV programs, but he has also written and released best selling cookbooks. Daily Italian, Italian Local, Cook like an Italian, and The Chef Gets Healthy which saw Tobie take a new direction toward healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle. Now that he has become “plant curious”, Tobie released his 5th book SuperNatural which presents his huge interest in plant-based cooking.

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