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Evolve & Restore

Tony Johannsen


Life Like Water: Moving Through Anxiety

FLOW states are available to us more than most people realise.

Anxiety and boredom are the signposts for these optimal human experiences yet most of us ignore these indicators and therefore miss the invitations to FLOW.

Anxiety: The Compass to Authenticity

How often do you feel anxious? We know it's an inescapable part of the human condition but how can we learn to listen to its message instead of trying to drown it out?

Psychotherapist Tony Johannsen will calm your senses and guide you through your inner trepidations, teaching how to use Anxiety as the compass to your own authenticity.


Tony Johannsen

Tony is an expert in facilitating behaviour change and works with a very complex client group. Early on in his clinical career he realised that complex, traumatised clients do not often respond well to the more traditional forms of mediation. His desire to assist his complex clients (and himself) with accessing mindfulness and meditation in less traditional forms, prompted his initial exploration and continued fascination with optimal human experiences known as flow states. However, flow is only half the story.

Tony has never been satisfied with the cognitive, behavioural approach to treating anxiety. Traditional psychological approaches to anxiety often treat anxiety as a symptom to be removed, not a voice to be listened to. Through utilising the teachings of existential philosophy, Tony has developed a range of clinical interventions that assist clients with understanding anxiety as the compass to their authentic selves.

Through marrying the philosophies of flow states and existentialism, Tony assists clients with using anxiety and boredom as calls to action.

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