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Stephanie Rose Freeman


Vulva Worship Painting Studio

Stephanie will be hosting a drop-in vulva painting studio. This space will be an honoring, safe and magical area with an emphasis on reverence of the human form. Feel free to come take an easel at any time during the event and paint a vulva. We will be painting from photos, imagination and the occasional live model.

Stephanie will also be displaying her visionary erotic art in the space, to inspire and excite! Immerse yourself in the world of this sensual artist.


Stephanie Rose Freeman

Stephanie Rose Freeman is an Australian visionary artist exploring themes around empowered sexuality through her luscious erotic oil paintings and vulva portraits.

Her paintings feature radiant humans basking in their sexual essence with flowers bursting out of them, often incorporating sacred geometry or energetic circuitry to hint at the energetic side of sexuality.

Her work transmits the shameless beauty and sacredness of the sensual experience, with the intention of inspiring the viewer to remember their sexual divinity.

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