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Heidi Trigar


Kirtan Yoga

Kirtan, a form of Bhakti Yoga.

Sanskrit mantras chanted in call and response, backed by Harmonium, two percussionists, and a cellist.


Heidi Trigar

Kirtan (Keer-tahn) is a part of an ancient form of Yoga called Bhakti Yoga. Together as a group, Heidi and her band lead a call and response chant and we repeat the mantra over and over many times, often changing in tempo (sometimes very fast!) to invoke the essence of the particular Deity we are singing to. These chants have been sung for millenniums by Sages, Sinners, Devotees and Yogis from all over the World.

Kirtan is for all people! Young and old. Big and small. There is no right or wrong. No expectations and no inhibitions. Don’t worry what you sound like, just bring your open heart!

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