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Clementine Ford


Since Becoming a Mother

Since becoming a mother, Clementine Ford has been fascinated by the symbiotic nature of love and nurture that occurs between children and parents.

In this session, she will talk about the act of re-acquainting oneself with the first people each of us had any knowledge of - our birth parent. How is it possible to be so intrinsically tied to someone, yet also able to know nothing about them beyond their role as caregiver? How does love morph and change between parent and child, and how does it assist in our wellbeing?


Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford is a Melbourne based writer, speaker and feminist thinker. She is a regular contributor to The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, exploring issues of gender inequality and pop culture. Her ability to use both humour and distilled fury to lay bare ongoing issues affecting women has earned her a huge and loyal readership amongst both women and men. Clementine’s work has radically challenged the issues of men’s violence against women, rape culture and gender warfare in Australia, while her comedic take on casual sexism and entertainment has earned her a reputation as an accomplished satirist.

Clementine’s work has also appeared in the Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend, CLEO, Sunday Life and The Big Issue. Clementine has been a guest on ABC’s Q and A, Channel Nine Mornings and is a frequent contributor to Channel Ten’s The Project. As a speaker and presenter, Clementine has appeared at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre, ACMI, the Sydney Opera House, Adelaide Writers Week, the Brisbane Writers Festival, the Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, the Newcastle Writers Festival, the National Young Writers Festival, the Reality Bites Literary Festival, Women of Letters, Cherchez La Femme and the City of Melbourne’s Conversations series. Additionally, she is regularly invited to speak at schools and universities.

Clementine’s number one mission is to speak openly and honestly about the state of the world as we live in it. She hopes to give other women the language and confidence to articulate their own feelings of frustration and anger.

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