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Reece Carter


Greens & The Gut

From green bananas, to cold mashed potatoes, Reece Carter uncovers the power of resistant starch, prebiotics, and dietary fibre — and explains why plant-based foods might have a better and longer-lasting effect on your gut health than popping a probiotic.

Learn from the author of The Happy Gut all about the symbiotic relationship between our intestinal microbes (‘the microbiota’) and ourselves, plus how we can optimise it in one simple step: by eating more plants.

Eat Happy

What happens in the gut, stays in the gut…right?

Not quite. And Reece Carter wants you to know why gut health is so much more than just…well, gut health.

In this dynamic discussion with the author of The Happy Gut, learn just how food affects mood, plus how to eat for a healthy gut-brain axis.


Reece Carter

With a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) under his belt, a life-long passion for cooking, and a love for all things green, Reece Carter has made a name for himself as Australia’s favourite herb nerd.

Born into a family of home cooks and green-thumbed gardeners, Reece is still at his happiest either in the kitchen, or his herb and veggie patch. This hands-on approach to wellbeing is evident in all of Reece’s work, and he’s made it his mission to empower all Australians to get hands on with their own health—through whole food nutrition, fad-free fitness, and a dose of healthy lifestyle advice.

Reece has appeared on The Morning Show, Today, and Studio 10, and regularly contributes cooking, gardening, and healthy lifestyle articles to multiple publications including GQ and Women’s Fitness.

Most notably, Reece recently released his second book, The Happy Gut, which explores the link between gut health and mental and emotional wellbeing—that is to say, Reece shows us how eating well can help us feel well. Packed with mouth-watering recipes and practical tips, The Happy Gut is Reece’s manifesto to living well through healthy and delicious food.

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