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The Sleep Keepers


Roving Performance

The Sleep Keepers have watched the world become too busy, too stressful, too frantic, and let sleep go astray… And when sleep goes astray, life gets a little wonky. From the realm of the deep night, The Sleep Keepers have come with their bed of dreams, to tuck you in and take you for a ride into the world of bedtime stories and lullabies. Close your eyes and drift away… Comedy, song, music, story and the gentle art of slumber are woven into this roving act by Born in a Taxi and Kinetic Theatre that travels between a performance for many and a unique experience for one or two.


Born in a Taxi & Kinetic Theatre

Born in a Taxi are renowned for immediacy, responsiveness and play with their audiences, mixing dance with humour, the profound with the profane and the familiar with the unlikely. One of Melbourne’s most highly regarded physical theatre ensembles and creators of contemporary performance Born in a Taxi is recognised for producing highly original, physically driven and participatory works in site-specific and outdoor contexts. The company’s diverse performance backgrounds and trademark methodology in ensemble movement improvisation have created a cross-disciplinary style that lives in between the cracks of theatre and dance. Born in a Taxi's creative directors’ and key performers are Penny Baron and Carolyn Hanna.

Kinetic Theatre is a street theatre company performing a diverse range of roving acts and installations, stretching from the beautifully surreal to the absurdly comic. The company consists of a versatile troupe of performers, whose training includes mime, stage acting, physical theatre, clowning, and costume design. Their eclectic skills have combined to produce a variety of original shows, as well as creating several commissioned pieces. Formed in 1996 in Fremantle, and now based in Melbourne, Kinetic Theatre has performed extensively both at home and abroad, having been invited to festivals and events in Europe, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand.

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