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The School of Life


A Morning of Better Conversation on Happiness

Join The School of Life for a social and meaningful morning of conversation on the topic of happiness. In this wide-ranging and thought provoking conversation, we'll be drawing on the work of leading thinkers, artists and writers to reframe our obsession with happiness. We'll be saying things we've never said before and asking ourselves (and each other) some big questions. Namely, is the quest for true happiness making us all truly miserable?

The Meaning of Life

To wonder too openly about the meaning of life can seem a peculiar, ill-fated and even a faintly ridiculous pastime but in truth, it is for all of us to wonder about and define a meaningful existence. Join The School of Life as we explore 6 sources of meaning that we begin to consciously weave in to our daily lives.

An Afternoon of Better Conversation on Life & Death

Join The School of Life for a social and meaningful afternoon of conversation on the topic of life & death. We’re all going to die. This is as true for you as it was for the first of our ancestors. And yet death if a topic we prefer not to think about, let along discuss. However, conversations about death needn’t make for a grim experience. Join the conversation for a chance to engage with the benefits that arise from coming to terms with our own mortality.


The School of Life

Opening in Australia in March 2014, The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. We address such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one's past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand and, where necessary change, the world. The School of Life was founded in London in 2008 and is now open in Paris, Amsterdam, London, Melbourne, Antwerp, Belgrade, and Istanbul. We offer classes, workshops, retreats, intensives, secular sermons, and therapies in person as well as programs for business. We also publish books, film our events and make and sell a range of objects & tools that will assist you in the quest for a more fulfilled life. The School of Life is a place to step back and think intelligently about central emotional concerns. You will never be cornered by dogma, but we will direct you towards a variety of ideas from the humanities – from philosophy to literature, psychology to the visual arts – ideas that will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind. You will meet other curious, sociable and open-minded people in an atmosphere of exploration and enjoyment.

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