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Julie Zdravkovska


Be Awed by our Festival Medium-Healer

Experience a transcendent, live open forum healing session held by Julie Zdravkovska as she guides discussions about life, love, healing and what it means to lead a spiritual life.

This is the session for you if you are seeking greater answers about Medium-Healing, how to connect with Universal Energy and tips on how you can tap into your own psychic gifts.


Julie Zdravkovska

As a natural born medium and healer, Julie enjoys guiding people through their little and big challenges. She feels fortunate that from an early age, her gift has been able to help those in need, make the necessary changes to live a more fulfilled life. Julie’s natural healing and mediumship ability has helped many break through emotional trauma, anxiety and physical pain from as early as infancy through to adulthood.​ Her direct connection to universal energy allows her to offer practical and deep insight into past, present and future situations – she will help guide you in a safe, honest and loving way to make the right decisions for you. ​

Her overall approach looks beyond the physical. Her goal is simple, clear your path from all fears and blocks using tried and tested practical methods and spiritual modalities. She gets you back to self-love, self-mastery, and self-acceptance, giving you a deeper understanding of who you are and what you aspire to be.

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