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Restore & Activate

Kat John


Mass Meditation

Clear your mind, charge your heart and awaken your soul! This session is the ultimate vibe of synergy when hundreds of people unite to meditate on simple, powerful intentions.

Join a buzz, a sense of connection and an inner peace you want to languish in for days.

Free Your Sh!t and Dance!

We all have our own shit going on. Be it anxiety, stress, money woes, health worries or any other types of shit, let it loose with Kat John's liberating dance class.

Let go of worrying what others think as you pick yourself up, shake yourself off, and groove away from anything that's weighing you down. Zing! Release! You're welcome.


Kat John

Kat John is a Coach, Speaker and Meditation guide, inspiring others to take self-responsibility for the life they want to lead in the education system, corporate and online world.

In December 2014 she quit her job as a Registered Nurse after completing a Psychology Graduate Diploma. With no business experience, Kat dived into the deep end to follow a calling in her heart - to inspire others out of their pain and into their power. Since then she’s led meditations in front of 20,000+ people, run meditation programs and spoken in some of Melbourne's blue chip corporate companies and premium private schools. Plus Kat had an amazing innings as an ambassador for Lululemon... and more!

She started her business to become a leader in the health and wellness space, to deliver a powerful message that's real, raw and relatable, and provide tools to encourage people to live the life they truly want. Whether it's an Instagram video, post or presentations to schools and corporates, Kat’s goal is to amp people up, to take self responsibility for where they are, and where they want to be.

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