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Motel Girl


A secret sharing of your most intimate stories

Upon entering her room, Motel Girl welcomes you into her bed. The lone woman will ask for a secret sharing of your bedtime stories. There are many interesting tales in our lives that have taken place in or on a bed… Whether it has been your bed, your partner’s bed, a stranger’s bed, a hotel bed or a hospital bed, think back to the good, bad, ugly, funny, confronting, unexpected, hurtful or outright strange.

Have your bedtime story ready for divulging to Motel Girl and make sure you get a reservation. Performed and Created by Anna Lindner.


Anna Lindner

Anna is an actor, writer and artist, originally hailing from country South Australia, who spent most of her childhood trying to roller-skate on dirt roads flanked only by the panicked eyes of onlooking sheep.

As a practising artist, Anna is focused on creating site specific and immersive art experiences that investigate the secret worlds of human behaviour and our desire to seek absolution & relief from ourselves. Her intention is to create interactive constructs that invite moments of unpremeditated interaction and elicit authenticity and vulnerability in us; free from the edited versions of ourselves we maintain online & on social media.

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