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Restore & Activate

Uma Spender


The Magic of Mantra

The Gayatri Mantra is one of the oldest mantras, chanted for thousands of years around the world. It is a prayer for all of us to wake up to the one source that we arise out of and dissolve back into. In this workshop you will hear the ancient mythology of this mantra and receive it’s initiation, before joining our voices to chant the sacred mantra 108 times.

Embracing Kali: The Secrets of the Dark Feminine

The emerging political empowerment of women in the last century has paralleled a spiritual return and rising of the feminine on a global scale. With these huge changes we feel the sweeping away of old structures, and a new age of hope emerging for our planet and all its inhabitants. In this session, we explore the ancient mythology of the wild and dark goddess Kali, and how her power as the radical force behind evolution is relevant today.

Sessions in the Orgasm Room

Free Breathing Workshop: Experience the power and pure energetic release of Free Breath Work. In this session you will be guided into a radically liberating expression of your breath, inviting huge shifts in the blockages of your subtle (energetic and emotional) body. Free Breathing helps you to access your inner most sensual and primal self, and can feel like a full body orgasm, or flying. This session is not suitable for pregnant women or those suffering from high blood pressure.

Shakti Flow Yoga: Sensual movement to connect you to your deepest intuition, as well as your inner Goddess. All welcome! This session is open to all levels and abilities.


Uma Spender

For over a decade Uma has been passionately sharing the path of Yoga. Her depth of compassionate understanding, coupled with her knowledge of Philosophy & Mythology make her unique approach to teaching both deeply joyful and transformational. Through playful sequencing and a colourful variety of Yoga styles, she skilfully translates the ancient to the modern.Uma believes in giving people the space to expand into their truest nature; presenting Yoga, Creativity & Women's Retreats, to encourage deep enquiry & cultivate the space necessary for lasting, conscious change. She has collaborated with Clare Bowditch, Pip Lincolne, Mama Kin & Lucy Peach.Uma is a core Teacher on both the 200 hour (foundation) & 300 hour (advanced) Teacher Training Programs at Gertrude st Yoga Studio in Melbourne. You can find her most afternoons in her garden, with her children and a pot of tea, soaking up the good stuff.“Uma” is one of the names given to the Goddess Parvarti (the feminine aspect of Shiva), who is celebrated widely as the deity of the integration of motherhood & Spirituality - the essence of the non-dual path of Yoga. Parvarti shows us that we can both nurture others and ourselves; that staying true to the path of Yoga does not have to exclude you from a life of rich connection and intimacy.Uma (formerly Yoga with Jessie) does not take her name lightly, learning from her own children as well as her own uneasy childhood - and turning the very real challenges of the physical world into potent fuel for awakening and evolution.

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