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Unleashing Your Divine Feminine: Qoya

A divine yoga, dance and sensual movement workshop designed to help you unleash and embody your inner goddess.

Qoya is a feminine embodiment practice which is based on the idea that it is through movement that we remember as women, we are wise, wild and free. Ideal for anyone seeking to really tap into the fire of their own femme.

Sensual Movement 101

For a long time pleasure has been given a “bad” name; but in truth, pleasure is just the result of us embodying our physical senses. 

In this class, we will begin to explore what it feels like when we invite ourselves to slow down and connect to our own senses through movement and the breath. Knowing that there is no way for us to do it wrong, but trusting that we are doing it right when it feels good in our own bodies.


Nicola Belcher

Nicola Belcher lives balanced across the corporate world and her passion for living an embodied life. She has worked in Human Resources as a Transformation Manager for over 20 years, with one foot always within the world of wellness.

As a certified Qoya teacher, facilitator, speaker and blogger, Nicola holds a Bachelor of Human Resources, a Diploma in Homeopathy, Certificate in Kinergetics, a Certificate in Melia healing, and has recently completed Mastery at the School of Womanly Arts in NYC.

She is passionate about helping people access their authentic power and to break free from limiting levels of consciousness that keep us playing small. Through her company Infinity Therapies, she offers Qoya classes, wellbeing & conscious leadership programs as well as personalised coaching and embodiment support services.

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