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Deep Soulful Sweats


Indigo Realness

Deep Soulful Sweats’ Indigo Realness is a coming together of elemental power to exorcise through exercise. It’s an interpretive dance concert, body pump, candy rave ritual and visiting a psychic all at once.

Jump in the deep end and pry open your heart in this energetic astro-dance party led by 4 of Australia’s leading contemporary dancers. With our DJ throwing down pumping bangers, participants are divided into star signs and guided on a holistic journey through movement, chanting, absurdity and fantasy.


Deep Soulful Sweats

Deep Soulful Sweats is a unique participatory event - an open invitation to come together and exorcise through exercise. Founded on the winter solstice 2014 by dance artists Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aiken, Deep Soulful Sweats is an immersive, participatory performance where no one knows the steps and no one is watching. The project brings people together in a physical and energetic exchange through dance, ritual and spontaneous choreography, working across art, community, socially engaged practice and experimental collaboration.

Deep Soulful Sweats has presented at Tempo Dance Festival Auckland (2018), MEL&NYC (Séance for Post-Modern Dance, 2018), Santarcangelo Festival, Italy (Imbosco, 2018), Brisbane Festival (Galaxy Stomp, 2016), Art Play Melbourne Fringe (Fountain of Youth, 2017), City of Melbourne’s Sunset Series (curated by Amrita Hepi, 2017), PICA/Perth Fringe (Fantasy Light Yoga, 2017), Next Wave Festival/Speakeasy (Peaks of Phantasm, 2014), Festival of Live Art (Pulse Rejuvenation Module, 2014), Dark MOFO (Deep Sleep, 2015 and Rebirth, 2014) In 2018, DSS was supported by City of Melbourne to host regular events across Melbourne in various venues including MPavilion, Testing Grounds, WXYZ Studios and Chunky Move, and in March 2019 open the Castlemaine State Festival with EQUINOX, a large scale event for 500 participants.

Each event follows a framework uniquely tailored to the context, time of year and relevant astrological events. Together with a range of the country’s finest DJs, a rotating cast of Elemental Leaders and special guest performers, Deep Soulful Sweats have grown a loyal following for their shape-shifting events, encouraging all walks of life to step out of the cerebral through dance and spontaneous choreography.

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