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Caroline Hales


Calm the Chatter

Step into the divine and be guided home to the eternal present moment to calm your mental chatter.

Explore flow to lighten and release your emotional energy by tuning into the highest Universal energy available to us: the Earth. A relaxing, calming session ideal for anyone feeling stressed out or searching for a sense of groundedness and healing.

Ceremony of the Collective Consciousness

Come back to the present moment, calm your mental chatter and find yourself in the here and the now.

Accompany healer Caroline Hales as she guides us through collective and individual experiences through ceremony to release any lasting negativity that no longer serves you.

A beautiful session for anyone after a practice filled with gratitude and release.


Caroline Hales

Caroline is the creator of sacred space, that enables and supports people to find centre and connectedness and to expand beyond their known sense of self. She explores breath, body, presence, voice and gentle movement for an experience of the spaciousness that embodiment brings. Caroline emanates an intuitive aliveness that is grounded in the wisdom of earth and aligned with the lightness of the universal intelligence of life. Her spiritual journey began in 1981 and her fascination and love of “intentional living” was awakened while studying in the “Barbara Brennan School of Healing”.

Caroline relocated from Ireland to Melbourne in 2009 & lives with family on the Mornington Peninsula, where she facilitates individual and group sessions that are supportive in connecting to and expanding into an embodied sense of self through body work, self-enquiry and ceremony.

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