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Wellness Rituals to Transform & Inspire

Di and Jasmine will be taking you through some daily rituals from the moment you wake up, through your day at work all the way through to the evening to help support the best night sleep. These rituals will keep you calm, set you up for success and support a balanced life.


Di Mitchelmore & Jasmine Smith

Di Mitchelmore BSc – Medical Scientist and Wellness Coach. Swisse Wellness Senior Education Manager Di Mitchelmore is a Medical Scientist that majored in Immunology and Microbiology, with over 25 years of experience in health and Pharmacy. She has also studied natural medicine and spent the last 15 years researching, formulating and training complementary medicines, with a passion for encouraging a collaboration between natural and conventional medicine. She is a qualified Life and Business Coach and Trainer and is our Senior Education Manager here at Swisse, heading up a team of 14 qualified health experts working globally to make billions healthier and happier. Jasmine Smith Jasmine Smith is the Director of People and Culture at Swisse Wellness. Her long list of qualifications includes a Bachelor Degree in Behavioural Science from La Trobe University. She has also completed Asialink Leaders at University of Melbourne and is an accredited Human Synergistics LSI and Hermann HBDI practitioner. Over her 20 years experience across many innovative and successful brands, Jasmine has learnt that people are always an organisation’s most powerful differentiator. Inspired by principles of positive psychology and neuroscience, Jasmine takes a whole person wellness approach that helps people not just function, but flourish instead.

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