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The Sociable Weaver


The Future of Our Homes

In collaboration with Assemble Papers’ Editor Jana Perkovic, the team from The Sociable Weaver Group will chat on the potential for positive impact in the built environment and specifically our homes - from materials and design, to how we build houses and the ways we live in homes.


The Sociable Weaver

The Sociable Weaver Group is a collection of businesses working together to create positive change in the built environment, bringing together design, construction, development and joinery.

Practicing sustainably across the entire ecosystem, The Sociable Weaver Group hopes to teach people the difference between living as a part of nature and living apart from nature. TSWG creates spaces and places which strive to connect people to nature, community and ultimately themselves. Dedicated to quality, durability and beauty in all our designs and endeavours, we create healthy, sustainable, community minded and functional homes and developments.

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