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Wellness in Real Life


Diet Myths, Food Fads & Other Malarkey

We dive head first into the behaviours surrounding food; from why we eat to the way we eat.

WARNING: mindsets may be shifted, but only to a place that's far from fads, where the goal posts aren't set at skinny and where the lands are rich with thriving individuals.

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Wellness in Real Life

When it comes to food, your body and your health, we are your gals. Two imaginative, balanced and mindful wellness nuts, each with a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics under our belt and over 10 years of combined experience working in the field.

Our mantra? Moderation. Our folks taught us that. Shout out to our parentals for being fabulous human beings! We grew up around veggie patches, mixing bowls and grandma’s kitchen bench. Creating food with family and friends is our jam and it’s left us pretty well rounded when it comes to our approach to health. Let’s just say, we love getting back to the basics and keeping it REAL! A chocolate a day is actually ok (come to a workshop and you can quote us on that)!

Our social enterprise is called Wellness In Real Life (WIRL if you will). We like to describe WIRL as an enabler organisation. We enable the coming together of like-minded people in a fun, safe, familiar environment to embrace the idea of reciprocal learning, from both ourselves, and one-and-other, because let’s face it, we are all the experts of our own experiences and there’s something powerful is sharing that out loud!

At the moment we’re enabling this in the form of Wellness Workshops and they’re a ripper of a good time. For each workshop topic we donate a portion of profits to a charity organisation related to the topic. It’s a feel-good-frenzy and we’d love to have you join us soon!

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