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The Illuminated Angels


Roving Performance

The floating benevolent beings who bestow light and joy where-ever they land.

Burdened with the safe-keeping of souls, The Illuminated Angels speak and listen only with their heart. Visually stunning, surreal and playful, these floating benevolent beings bestow light and joy where-ever they land. Equipped with a sixth sense, they can traverse from the profound to the hilarious.

Brought to you by Born in a Taxi, The Illuminated Angels create a sense of community amongst strangers through shared wonder and play.


Born in a Taxi

Born in a Taxi are renowned for immediacy, responsiveness and play with their audiences, mixing dance with humour, the profound with the profane and the familiar with the unlikely. One of Melbourne’s most highly regarded physical theatre ensembles and creators of contemporary performance Born in a Taxi is recognised for producing highly original, physically driven and participatory works in site-specific and outdoor contexts. The company’s diverse performance backgrounds and trademark methodology in ensemble movement improvisation have created a cross-disciplinary style that lives in between the cracks of theatre and dance. Born in a Taxi's creative directors’ and key performers are Penny Baron and Carolyn Hanna.

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