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Mia Muse


Know Your Pleasure

Join Vanessa to understand what your body is capable of, but more practically how you can see yourself as a richly vibrant & sensual being by changing the way you see and engage with your world.

When you know your own pleasure the exploration of intimacy and sex is available to you in many ways and in all kinds of relationships.

Objects of Pleasure

Vanessa will be bringing a taste of Mia Muse to the Festival, with a curated selection of sex toys that she will be explaining and demystifying for visitors.

At the start and end of each day, Vanessa will present ‘Objects of Pleasure’, a talk where she guides people through the use of each item (which are also available for purchase if you are feeling inspired).


Vanessa Muradian

Vanessa Muradian is a sexologist, yoga facilitator and the founder of the women-centric sex and wellness business Mia Muse. Vanessa works with women to cultivate healthier relationships with themselves and their pleasure and has done so for over 10 years now. In this time Vanessa has spoken to thousands of women inspiring them to embrace sensuality and vitality in their everyday lives and in doing so, empowers them to see how this expression can help enrich their sex lives.

You can find Vanessa facilitating pleasure workshops, sensual yoga or in sex-coaching sessions for individuals and couples. Mia Muse started an online sex-toy shop in 2008 and evolved from there. Vanessa first realised she was a sexual being while watching Blue Lagoon in the early 80's.

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