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Ryan Mannix


Soft and Still: Yin and Meditation with Sound Bath

Join acclaimed Melbourne Yogi Ryan Mannix for a grounding, restorative practice centered around softness and stillness, accompanied by 'Sound Interventions' performance culminating in a rich Sound Bathing.

Open the body and the breath, hold poses for longer and release deeper levels of tension you maybe didn't even know you'd held. The dream class for any yin yogis or those seeking a slower, more meditative practice.


Ryan Mannix

Ryan Mannix has been a student of Yoga for ten years. He first studied in Bali and has since gone on to study in India, America and Australia. Yoga started for Ryan as a great way to connect to movement, the body and breath. But it has since become a deeper practice. A practice to better understand the nature of self and reality. Ryan's classes are centred around breath and awareness and how to move through life with clarity.

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