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Shoku Iku Academy


Get Raw: How to Make Delicious Desserts

Now you can eat your desserts that can nourish your soul and body. Learn how to make raw vegan desserts using added superfoods and tonic herbs, that are refined flour, sugar, dairy and gluten free.


Yoko Inoue

Yoko is the founder of Melbourne based organic raw food and living food cafe, Shoku Iku.

The desire to feed her new born daughter and herself healing natural food lead Yoko to discovering the importance of the relationship between good health, diet and lifestyle choices. Yoko studied the Macrobiotic lifestyle at the Kushi Institute in Japan, this inspired her to train as a holistic nutritionist which then opened up the world of raw and living foods. She is currently studying kampo, Traditional Japanese medicine.

Shoku Iku is a place to learn and experience this new dynamic way of eating, based on raw and living food cuisine, enhanced with contemporary and traditional idea of macrobiotic philosophy, integrating the knowledge from both East Asian system and modern nutrition. Yoko believes in healing organic/biodynamic ingredients, emphasising the importance on fruits, vegetables and whole natural foods and also the use of “super foods", "super herbs", and longevity supplements. With the knowledge gained over the years, meals are always nurturing and kind to your body and soul, and of course your taste buds!

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