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Rachelle Unreich


How Journalism Taught Me Who I Am

Sporting an illustrious career as a celebrity profile writer for the likes of Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Harrison Ford and Jennifer Aniston, journalist Rachelle Unreich is a woman of incredible words. Having focussed to writing more personal pieces, she hosts this talk on the cathartic and connective powers of words and writing.

A talk perfect for anyone seeking to delve deeper into their own writing practice or even simply discover it.

Writing It All Down

Although she’s been a journalist for more than three decades, it was only relatively recently that Rachelle Unreich realised how important it is for people to record their history – their own, and that of their family members.

Most people believe that their stories are only worth committing to paper if they have a historically interesting story, or if they're a good writer themselves. Actually, neither are necessary, and this talk/workshop will explain why.


Rachelle Unreich

Rachelle Unreich has been a journalist for 35 years, starting to write for publications including Rolling Stone and The Age newspaper while still a teenager and studying arts/ law at Monash University. She has since lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, writing for publications in the US, UK, South-East Asia and Australia. She has had columns for Elle magazine and the Sydney Morning Herald and was a former editor at Who Weekly. She is now a freelance journalist in Melbourne, regularly contributing to The Age newspaper and Harper's Bazaar magazine, and has a column in Domain Review.

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