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Gwyn Williams


The Art of Letting Go: Zenthai Shiatsu

Are you letting go? What is it that you're holding onto and what is it that's stopping you from releasing it?

Gwyn Williams will guide you through single and partner-based Zenthai Shiatsu movement to help you examine your samskaras (fixed patterns). Learn to exhale and release. A truly transformative session for anyone looking to break cycles that just keep seeming to repeat themselves.

Movement as Therapy: Zenthai Shiatsu

Calling all new and experienced yogis! This session is designed for anyone familiar with or on the periphery of the practice of yoga, diving deeper into your own organic, free, unwinding movement and breath practice.

A beautiful fusion of Chi gung and yoga asana, this workshop focuses on the lower back and pelvis areas for anyone seeking more energy and release.


Gwyn Williams

Gwyn Williams is a movement based therapist that created Zenthai Shiatsu 20 years ago. On the surface, Zenthai is a fusion of Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique, however beneath is an enriched conversation with a vibrant ever-changing life. The dissolving of division into unity continues to be his inspiration and the aspects of community, connection and contribution are at the core of the practice.

Whilst many have been touched by the therapist programs and the multi layered offerings, the art has evolved to now include a fluid movement based practice known as Zenthai flow. For the past two decades Gwyn has inspired thousands of students throughout the world with his continually evolving form, which is based around Thich Knat Hahn’s "When you touch something with awareness you touch everything".

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