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Dumbo Feather


Panel Discussion with Small Giants: How to Bloom

Join us for a panel discussion with businesses from the Small Giants family of businesses.

We will speak with Tamara Harrison from The School of Life, Dave Martin from The Sociable Weaver Group, Nathan Scolaro from Dumbo Feather and facilitated by Dianne Cotter.


Small Giants

Small Giants was founded in 2007 by Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman to create, support, nurture and empower businesses and entrepreneurs that are shifting us to a more socially equitable and environmentally sustainable world. Our mission is to lead our community towards Empathy and a Next Economy. That means we use business as our major tool for positive social and environmental impact, and provide people with a meaningful pathway to live a life of passion and purpose. From start-up social enterprises and large-scale social and environmental investments, to sustainable property development and a more secure food system, the Small Giants family of businesses reflects our deep passions and diverse interests. For every business we ask ourselves: is it good for people? Is it good for the environment? Is it creating the world we want to live in?

We were inspired by the book of the same name, Small Giants by Bo Burlingham. It spoke of companies that choose to be great, instead of big. We do not strive to be the biggest, but rather measure our success by the impact we have, the inspiring people we get to work with, the joy we experience, the wisdom we learn and the legacy we leave behind for future generations. That is how we define greatness.

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