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Restore & Activate

Chris Wilson


Moving into Stillness

A deep, slow yoga workshop lead by Yoke Yoga owner Chris Wilson curated to squeegee clean the mind and body of tension to encourage us to rest in stillness.

Move gently through this class if you're searching for a sense of peace in order to connect back to your essential self.

Meditation 101

Accomplished Melbourne yogi Chris Wilson dives you deep into a meditation 101 workshop to give you simple, yet powerful techniques to enrich your personal practice and sense of peace in your life. (No hovering in lotus position required)


Chris Wilson

Chris creates a safe space in his classes for students to soften thinking, forget striving and to let the experience of yoga and meditation unfold naturally, through the practice of listening. Simple and profound, for more than a decade he has been sharing this practice with humour, wisdom and compassion in classes, teacher trainings and retreats.

He is the founder of Yoke Yoga in South Melbourne and Torquay, a thriving community of soul seekers and the home of heartfelt yoga.

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