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Guru Dudu


Silent Disco Tour

Guru Dudu will traverse the festival with everyone wearing headphones and listening to funky dance tracks from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00’s, plus the hilarious observational commentary from the Guru. Enjoy dance-walking, singing and spontaneous flash-mobs.

WARNING: cheeks may hurt from smiling.

Happy Yoga

A parody of a Yoga class that will open your laughter meridians. It’s a delightful journey of fun postures with ridiculous names for each.

It’s part comedy show, play-workshop with some delightful disco thrown in for good measure. You may never take dog-pose seriously again!


Guru Dudu

David Naylor is a Melbourne-based performer and facilitator who finds playful ways of empowering audiences to reconnect with their creative and spontaneous selves. In a modern world that values control, busy-ness and escape, David’s work uses play to help people to tap into their innate desires to connect with the innocence of the human experience, in order to express their unique character with confidence and care for the wider world.

After an earlier career in brand marketing and place-making consulting, David branched into character work that combines his improvisational and facilitation skills. His ‘altar ego’ Guru Dudu was created in 2008 with the launch of Happy Yoga at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. This has since evolved into a global performing arts company, Guru Dudu Productions, centred around his original adaption of the Silent Disco phenomenon into Silent Disco Walking Tours. The team currently comprises over 12 tour guides who have performed around Australia, UK, Europe and Canada – leading people with headphones into hilarious adventures around urban environments, breaking down social barriers and inhibitions. Guru Dudu also runs team-building workshops and retreats that invite participants to experience deeper levels of play, love and laughter.

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