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The Essence of Tantra

What is Tantra? Great question.

Tantra says we can use everything and alchemise it into light, love and evolution; to reach a divine state. In a relationship that can include sex. Sex, when sacred is a means to an end, the end being love, unity, oneness... Let's rediscover this together, bust some myths along the way on what Tantra isn't and, bring the essence of Tantra into your body, heart and mind.

Living a Tantric Life: With & Without a Partner

Of anything you see, hear, or experience, how much is love? How much is pleasure seeking? Feel good quick fixes?

What if in love, just as in life, we can learn to have fulfilling, intimate connections with self and our beloved starting from within. Learn new techniques for self love through the ancient art of tantra and tantric healing.


Elise Carr

Elise Carr M.A., is the Soul of StellaMuse. As the host of ‘Sacred Guidance with StellaMuse’ podcast she also combines The Ancient Wisdom of Raja yoga, Tantra & the Esoteric to light your way - be that in 1:1 sessions, workshops, talks and events worldwide.

The blending of what she offers you is Like Psychology for the Soul in a modern world – honouring your physical/sexual, emotional, mental and spiritual layers; what has brought you thus far, where you are and, what needs healing, clearing and guidance to shift from darkness to light. All ultimately in alignment with your Soul’s plan of fulfilment. For you to know your TRUE self, to love, live and awaken from this place.

Featured on various national and international platforms including SBS World News, MindBodyGreen, MamaMia, The Sunday Times, Mind Body Spirit Festival and Daily Mail UK, Elise is also a certified; Tantra practitioner, Reiki Master and Holistic Life/Health Coach, as well as a Writer and Speaker.

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