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Lola Berry


Beyond the Mat

Yoga is so much more than moving through poses. Come to gain a deeper understanding of three main aspects of the practice; balancing stirha (strength) and sukha (softness), how to eat for your dosha (body type and personality characteristics) and asana.

This class will guide yourself out of injury, heartbreak, pain and towards building your spirit and discipline for self worth. The chance is here, we invite you to take it.

Self Love: Less Buzzwords, More Living

The truth is, it really doesn’t matter how great the newest diet you’re trying out it is, or that new gym class. Until you actually love who you are any health kick will be short lived.

Creating a healthy lifestyle comes back to loving who you are and ultimately doing it for you. So it doesn't matter what your health goal is, you have to work on loving you first and foremost then the rest follows.


Lola Berry

When it comes to getting the world excited about health and good food, there is very little Lola Berry won’t do. She’s convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live, national television. She’s dived into dumpsters on the streets of New York (...and eaten from one!). She’s run madly in search of water after daring to munch on one of the world’s hottest chillies, and she’s handed out actual Black Eyed Peas to celebrities at an official “Black Eyed Peas” red carpet event (...and they loved them!). Prolific author Lola has written eight books, including The Happy Cookbook which was released in the US and has now sold over 60,000 copies. Lola's newest book; The Yoga Body, is the ultimate guide to detoxing, building strength and eating mindfully.

Lola’s colourful approach to nutrition is supported by the Bachelor of Health Science she completed at Endeavour College of Natural Health, where she majored in Nutritional Medicine. Further adding to her holistic health credentials, Lola is also an accredited yoga teacher.

She’s very coloruful. She’s very passionate. She’s very Australian. Lola knows what she’s talking about, and she’s got a secret: the most nutritious, healthy food is also the tastiest! Whether through her TV appearances, radio spots or her popular web series, Lola is reaching out to people all over the globe... And people are listening!

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