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Heal’r your Relationships, to Heal’r your Hormonal & Digestive Health

After 20 years in clinic, a common thread Tanya and Heal’r have observed, is the connection to relationships and how they play a role in our gut mind connection.

Nutritional, Physical, Emotional and Organ health are often reflected in the balance of our own personal masculine and feminine patterns and triggers. How we Heal’r, including choosing natural or medical therapies, can have a greater impact when we learn if we are yin or yang dominant.


Tanya Lee

Nicknamed by her clients as ‘The Gut Whisperer’, Tanya was repeatedly encouraged by her mentors to pursue her innate abilities as a Heal’r. Her comprehensive career and search to learn about all things that heal, both personally and professionally, inspired Tanya to combine her western and eastern qualifications and training. She is known to specialise in discovering where people are stuck. Like a health detective, Tanya finds the links to your health puzzle and assists in creating an achievable and sustainable plan for your wellbeing.

Passionate to educate others that the body has a massive potential to heal, Tanya herself is living proof. She has overcome precancerous cells, severe mercury poisoning, repeated shingles outbreaks from low immunity, PTSD, anxiety, Endometriosis, Thyroid imbalances, Polycystic Ovaries, chronic stage four adrenal fatigue, glandular fever, digestive dysfunction, parasites from nearly every country she’s travelled to (can’t take her anywhere!), spinal conditions and injuries, amongst other health concerns!

Through Heal’r, Tanya aims to connect us back to the fundamentals of healing and inevitably to ourselves. She has observed that our relationships to self and others, are the foundation to our experiences which feeds into our physical, nutritional, emotional and optimal organ health. This four sided image, a picture of health, is the principle of what Heal’r is based on; that one side affects the other and when one is out of balance, we are not in harmony.

With over twenty years of clinical practice and training, Tanya has worked with professional athletes, Olympians, Hollywood and Australian Entertainment Personalities, the chronically ill, CEOs, pre and post natal, clients with specific goals; clients looking for results. Tanya is incredibly grateful for all the wisdom her mentors have shared with her, the relationships she’s formed with other studios/colleagues and brands, the lessons she’s learnt; and for her family, friends and partner whom despite all the turmoil she faced, continue to support her. These influences are seen all throughout Heal’r, as without them, the connection to healing is not whole.

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